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We Rescued A Lost Dog Today

While walking Busby this morning, we came across this little dog sitting on the corner of our street. He was all alone and looked a bit frightened. So, I had Busby sit as I coaxed him over to me, which didn’t take much, since he was almost begging to be helped. I picked him up and walked the half-block to our front steps. Thankfully, the tag on his collar said Junior and had a phone number.

So, I called and asked if the person had a dog named Junior. He said yes, and I told him I had his dog. The owner didn’t even know his dog was missing and lost!

Busby, Junior and I sat on our front steps for a few minutes waiting for the owner to come get him. Junior was still frightened, but patiently sat next to us.  

Junior the lost puppy

Once his owner showed up (he lived close by), Junior got very excited and was clearly happy. He even started trying to play with Busby, although even standing on his hind legs only allowed him to reach Busby’s shoulders. It was interesting, and relieving, to see his personality go from timid and scared to happy and playful. 

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