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Skiing at Alta

December 26, 2004 Leave a comment

Went skiing on December 23, 2004 with brother Michael and dad Gail. We had about 5 inches of fresh new snow and it was about 10 degrees. So it was sunny, cold, and we had fresh snow. A pretty good day!

Michael’s dial-up connection is too slow to try to add a photo, so I’ll have to do that when we get home from Costa Rica.

Brian in South Park

December 11, 2004 Leave a comment

If you go to you can create your own South Park character. The one I’ve added here looks like me, if I were to ever be on the show.

Where is Ski Season

December 11, 2004 Leave a comment

The little bit of snow we had is now getting rained on. The CMONSTR wants to get out into the snow and Ripley needs to experience snow for the first time!

Paris Photos

December 6, 2004 Leave a comment

I just added some of the photos from our Paris trip, so visit to see them.

We are trying to figure out where to keep our online photo album: here in MSN Spaces, or in our MSN Group at   

Brian’s trip to a wine cellar and some great French wine and food is at:

Getting $5000 to buy a greener car

December 3, 2004 Leave a comment

Every company should do this: MSNBC – Company’s perk: $5,000 to buy clean car

We just bought a VW New Beetle TDI (a diesel bug) and we run BioDiesel in it, which is vegetable oil.


Brian’s Blog at Work

December 2, 2004 Leave a comment

Brian and Lorie’s Children: the bunny and the dog

December 2, 2004 Leave a comment

Our herd or pack does not consist of children. We have a niece and nephew for that. We have Theo the Bunny and Ripley the Puppy (soon to be Ripley the Dog). So we will keep our photos of these great family members on this blog.

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