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Takara Sake Tour in Berkeley

May 27, 2005 1 comment

Today Lorie and I took some time off from work and toured the Takara sake factory in Berkeley, California. See 

We got to sample a few different sakes, including a Plum Sake, which was very sweet and way better than plum wine. We also got to try their new (only out for 2 months now) unfiltered sake, called Creme de Sake. It’s not as sweet as Nigori, which is their other unfiltered sake. A couple of very non-exciting photos are included.

Ripley and Clifford

Hawaii – May 2005

We did a lot of relaxing, but also walked around Lahina, the beaches near Black Rock, swam, and snorkled too. We were there for Lori & Alan Shen’s wedding, so we also hung out with a few different couples too: eating and drinking and eating some more. We rented a biodiesel VW Golf with some friends, and other friends had a convertable (Pontiac I think), which wsa nice to cruise around in, but the top of my head would get pretty hot. We tried to do the zip lines up in the mountains, but it took a lot longer to get there than we thought, so we missed out – have to try next time.

Looking at deer

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