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Milo Turns 5

Not only is this rainy 3-day weekend the Folk Life Festival in Seattle, but it is also Milo’s 5th birthday (May 30). To celebrate, I’ve walked him through Folk Life every day (see the drool in one of the photos) and he’s eaten lots of bones and treats. Lorie and I also went to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum where a neighbor of ours is a docent; that’s where we had our photos taken in a photo booth. We also dragged Keith and Lisl through the rain at Folk Life since Lisl had never been to it, but due to the crowds and drizzle, we escaped and had pizza. No, Milo didn’t get any pizza.

Those Longview people sure get around

Audrey and Gil at SeaTacWhen walking through the SeaTac airport tonight, I heard “hey, Brian”. It was Audrey and Gil. They were waiting for a flight to Europe, which sounds much more exciting than my trip to California for the WebGuild Social Media Strategies conference. I used to carry around a fortune from a Chinese cookie that said something like “meeting an old friend in a foreign land is as nice as a fresh Spring rain” … or something like that. We had a nice visit before I headed off to my gate and it made my evening much more interesting.

Spring Skiing

May 10, 2010 1 comment

I took a few hours on Saturday to hike up Snoqualmie Summit (now closed for the season) and got in 4 great runs in about 3 hours.

The top of a closed ski chair is the best place for lunch!

The tale of Milo and the tall bicycle

Milo and a tall bicycleNotice the crank shaft behind Milo’s head. That one has the pedals. The crankshaft behind his back has no pedals. The chain goes from the top crank diagonally down to the rear tire. I haven’t seen anyone ride this bicycle, but there’s another one in Seattle (a green one) and it looks pretty weird to see a guy sitting six feed in the air while pedaling.

No, there is no tale to tell with Milo and the bicycle. If there were, it would probably be something like “started riding with Milo on the leash, 10 feet later I was on my face after flipping over the dog.”

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