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Hello Lisl

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Why am I on a picnic table in the snow?

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Snow Day

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Preparing for Winter

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Now that Seattle has seen a hint of snow, I’m thinking of how to prepare. These might help:


We’ve got snow

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Panoramic Test #2

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Panoramic Test

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Inspiring Life Changes

January 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Here are a few movies I suggest you watch if you want some inspiration to help change your life in the new year:

  1. The bottled water industry, as shown in Tapped, has serious problems, one of which is that the water you get might not be that safe and the bottles certainly aren’t. (it’s on on Netflix)
  2. The Forks over Knives movie makes a compelling argument for a “whole foods plant based diet” and points out the research that shows how animal based food is related to a variety of diseases, including cancer. (it’s on Netflix)
  3. The short Story of Stuff movie really makes you consider the “stuff” you purchase and the damage it did, and will, have on the environment.
  4. The Zeitgeist (see the 19 minute summary) movies make you consider how the monetary system impacts everything and how a resource-based economy might be a better solution. See for all of the Zeitgeist movies. Plus the related TED video about how economic inequality harms societies and that the average well being of our society is not dependent on a nation’s GNP.

Most of these can be found on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

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