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Video Phone Calls with Brian and Lorie

June 14, 2006 Leave a comment

Hey friends and family,

When Lorie and Brian are in London we plan to use Windows Live Messenger to talk to you. Microsoft has some new webcams coming that will make it VERY easy to both talk and see each other (live video) via Windows Live Messenger. So once you can buy Microsoft’s webcams, we’ll be bugging you to go buy them.

Read this to learn more about them: Microsoft Hardware Advances Digital Communications Experiences: First webcams from Microsoft

An Inconvenient Truth

Please go see An Inconvenient Truth 

Lorie and I just saw it on June 3rd and were pretty surprised to learn just how far along we are into global warming. It is causing us to focus more on our biodiesel car and reconsider lighting we put into our new house.

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