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Turtle on Lake Union

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Dash Point State Park

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After dropping Lorie off at the airport, Milo and I went a bit further south to Dash Point State Park so we could do our morning walk on the beach.

Yes, it was another typical beautiful sunny day at the beach in Washington state.

View of Seattle from Kirkland

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Heritage Tree Grove

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A closer view of Houseboat Suburbia

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Houseboat Suburbia (Roanoke Reef)

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Licensed Dinner Raft

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Elliot Bay

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Sunny in Seattle

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July 22, 2011 2 comments

Brian on a rental bike in DenverI’m in Denver for a few days, so I have taken a break from taking and posting photos related to water while here. Having meetings/parties all morning, day and night sort of gets in the way of looking for creative water shots too.

However, co-worker Tanarin and I took a couple of hours off one afternoon and rented the big red bicycles that the city offers (from Denver B Cycle) and rode in the hot 93 degree (F) sunshine. 

This photo is from the INVESCO Field at Mile High with Denver in the background.

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