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Moonlighting as a sports announcer

July 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Broadcasting from the Big Ten Sports Network

  • The other night, we were with our friends Odele and Brent in Chicago when we got an interesting opportunity: see the set and operations of the Big Ten Network, which is where Odele works. I don’t watch any sports, but those of you in the US might recognize the set used by the news/sports-casters pictured here. I have a few other photos here, but didn’t want to take any that might give away details of their operations, broadcast, and editing machines. I am happy to report that almost all of the computers I saw were running Windows. We were there after-hours so the place was pretty empty, which gave us the opportunity to check out how they can monitor and control multiple games being displayed all at once, including multiple cameras, instant replays, and so on. 

Minnesota – July 2008

July 22, 2008 Leave a comment

early morning lake view

After just two days, we have gone sailing, kayaking, wake boarding, knee boarding, skurfing (pre-cursor to the wake board), swimming, diving, golfing (yes, even me), driven golf carts (the good part about golfing), and ridden a paddle boat. We still need to get some bike riding in, especially since this is where my recumbent bicycle has ended up. A bit too much food though! The Pimm’s we brought from England has been popular, although possible with us more than our local relatives.

As you can see from the photos, the weather has been great, which has made the sailing a bit of a challenge, but everything else good. Only a few mosquito bites so far, which is certainly a rare bonus.

Lorie crashing a golf cart

Moon reflection on Lake Pickeral

26 miles on the London Bikeathon

July 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Brian at the start Today Lorie and I (not Milo) took part in the London Bikeathon from Chealsea to Richmond Park, and back. This was the first time I had seen Richmond Park, and seeing it via bike on a nice sunny day was the perfect way to experience it. There were a few routes to choose from, and we were on the Scenic Ride, which meant we each got a wonderful light pink t-shirt. 

One big difference I noticed between this ride and ones I have been on in Washington State was at the rest stops. In the US, we get bananas, oranges, energy bars, water, and maybe a sport drink. On this ride in London, we got bananas and water, which was fine, but you had the option to purchase burgers and beer too.   

The ride was a casual 4 hours, which was about 3 1/2 hours of biking – all at a pretty slow pace, which is how Lorie prefers it. smile_wink 

I posted few other photos here.

Brian listens to Beethoven?

July 11, 2008 Leave a comment

daunt_books_front No, I am still not a classical music fan. However, one of the great things about London is the vast amount of interesting events happening at any one time. Last night, Anne invited us to what turned out to be a fascinating talk by John Suchet about Beethoven. What made it fascinating is that Suchet is so passionate and excited about Beethoven as a person and what events in his life inspired him to write his music. He almost turned me into a classical music fan and he never played a single tune.

Another thing that made it interesting was where this talk was being held, which was at Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street. This has to be the most interesting travel book store I have ever experienced, but thanks to Megan’s fascination/addiction to the place , I already knew about it. Here is the description of the talk, which sounds dull, but certainly wasn’t.

Following his wonderful fictional trilogy about Beethoven, "The Last Master", broadcaster John Suchet has now turned his attention to "The Treasures of Beethoven". He tells the stories behind the music, and highlights some of the most important events in Beethoven’s life by investigating the many items of memorabilia to be found in museums and collections around the world.

In Madrid

My hotel in Madrid I flew into Madrid, Spain this evening to attend meetings on Wednesday. We landed at about 23:00 (11pm), so I didn’t get any time to play tourist. Since I will be in meetings all day before heading back to the airport, I won’t have any time to seem much of the city or sample the local food, drinks, adventure, or entertainment. So, I took a little walk tonight around my hotel and snapped this photo of my hotel and the square in front of it that was full of people finishing their dinner and drinks (at midnight). It seems to be a pretty popular area. The hotel is the “Melia Madrid, Reina Victoria” – or “Reina Victoria, By Melia” – or “ME by Melia”. It is too trendy for its own good since the name keeps changing depending on what I look at.

4th of July in London

July 5, 2008 1 comment

Milo in Putney

Milo on the bus

I should really start taking pictures of something other than just Milo, but here are two more. One is in Putney near the Spencer Arms, our typical Friday night hang with Megan, Alan, and Daisy out after some dog play. The other is on the bus ride Space Needle and Seattle glass ballhome from the pub. In addition to this, we also went to a party filled with Americans to celebrate. The other photo here should give you a good idea that there were at least a few others from the Seattle area at the party. smile_regular

I finally got my patent!

July 1, 2008 4 comments

mspatentcubeSuppose you are in a cafe and of course you have a laptop with you. All of the sudden, a little box pops up and says “Brian Groth is nearby and you have a meeting next week. Click here to see more details.

Microsoft and I recently got patent number 455041200 that explains how this works. It is titled “Automatic Detection and Notification of Proximity of Persons of Interest

It took a few years to get through the USPO and I am not able to find it via the USPO web site, but it can be found via Google’s Patent Search site.

Thanks to Shish letting me know that it was finally approved. Good luck on your patent Shish!

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