World”s largest wine barrel in Heidelberg

In the Heidelberg castle is a massive wine barrel, but it is apparently empty now. Unrelated, I did confirm that Heidelberg has it’s own beer, but it isn’t the same that is in the US.

More information about the barrel is at

370 year old restaurant in Heidelberg

Dinner of sausage and Heidelberg wine (white) was good but the decor was the best part. They had some interesting string instruments in cases.

A day in Stuttgart

We took a day trip from Heidelberg to Stuttgart to see where Lorie’s grandmother lived before escaping/emigrating to the US. It’s now an office building!

Passing through Cologne

May 17, 2019 1 comment

On the train to Heidelberg, we pass through Cologne, which has the main train station in the center of town, right next to an old church. This is also where the train switches direction, since the train station has no exit. That means if you were sitting facing forward going into the station, you leave facing backwards.

Markets and Streets of Jaffa

May 10, 2019 2 comments

Now that shops are open again after Independence Day, we did quite a bit of walking and a little shopping. We didn’t hear the different guitars, but saw a few for sale. Notice the street signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

The Tel Aviv Beach

Today is the 2nd day of Independence “Day” in Israel, and just like in the US (July 4), people hit the beach, hang out, and BBQ. We’re staying near the beach in the Jaffa neighborhood in Tel Aviv. And yes, the beach and park were crowded today!

Old Jerusalem

We saw the sights in Jerusalem inside and outside of the old city. See if you can recognize the spots where 3 religions, and many variations, all mix together. Notice the tattoo place that has been in business since 1300!

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