Transport in Amsterdam

January 18, 2020 1 comment

I used to strap a kayak to the roof of my car, and now I use those same straps to attach 10kg bags of dogfood to my bicycle.

The bike does feel a little wobbly with that much weight over the front tire, but otherwise rides nice.

We also had a nice rainbow today.

Another day in Amsterdam

January 11, 2020 Leave a comment

Of course, since it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, even a cloudy day is beautiful.

Amsterdam Light Festival

January 4, 2020 Leave a comment

Tonight we rented a very nice covered and heated boat from 1910, now electric, and saw the Light Festival on the canals of Amsterdam. More info about that is at:

A few photos from my phone, which never look great at night:

Amsterdam skyline at night.

January 4, 2020 Leave a comment

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

December 31, 2019 Leave a comment

A nice clear day turned into a thick fog, so we had foggy fireworks and foggy bridges to go along with a crowded party scene (all of Amsterdam) and our nervous poodles. However, we did enjoy the oliebollen with powdered sugar.

Fresh Utah Snow at Alta

December 24, 2019 Leave a comment

The weather report said we would have 9 inches of fresh Utah powder at Alta today, and we were not disappointed.

Sunset at the Dubai Beach

December 11, 2019 2 comments

I was able to get out of work early enough to take a walk on the beach, which looks NW over the Arabian Gulf, which is part of the Arabian Sea. Thankfully, the rain had stopped for the day (rain is rare here) and it was a comfortable 75F.

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