Levi Stadium

November 10, 2018 1 comment

Construction in Amsterdam

November 2, 2018 1 comment

This is our neighbor’s house. They are digging out the basement through a front window. The construction equipment usually blocks the sidewalk during the day.

This is the view through the digging-window. The rubble is the basement.

A List of Amsterdam Gable Stones

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30 Days of Amsterdam Gable Stones: Explorer

October 30, 2018 Leave a comment

30 Days of Amsterdam Gable Stones: Red Castle

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Day Trip to Cascais from Lisbon

October 28, 2018 1 comment

To the west of Lisbon is a great little town, 45 minutes by train, 25 by car. We have a friend there who gave us a tour of the town and introduced us to a great place to sample wine and port.

Scenes from Lisbon

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