Rotterdam Train Station

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30 Everyday Things in Amsterdam: (27) Enjoying nice weather, when we get it

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As soon as the weather gets nice in Amsterdam, people come out of hiding. Parks fill up, boat traffic increases, and beer sales skyrocket (I assume). I have noticed that when the boats are cruising the canals and the Amstel river, they are usually packed full and have beer and wine setup in the center of the boat.

30 Everyday Things in Amsterdam: (26) Your local dog park

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Where to take those dogs when they’re out on a walk? To your local dog park of course, which usually just means some area of a park where people usually let their dogs run around. It’s usually meant to be a dog section, but not always, and usually not restricted to just dogs or fenced.

30 Everyday Things in Amsterdam: (25) Walking your dogs

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Dogs are welcomed almost everywhere in Amsterdam, so quite a few people have dogs. They all need to get out for a walk, so you’re bound to see them.

30 Everyday Things in Amsterdam: (24) Your transport tickets

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To take a tram, metro or train, you need some sort of ticket or pass. Related, you have to figure out which one to take and which platform it is leaving from. It can be a bit confusing if you are in a hurry, but there is logic to it if you take time to figure it out.

30 Everyday Things in Amsterdam: (23) Taking the Metro

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Yes, we have trams, trains, and a metro in Amsterdam. They are all different types of locomotives. The metro runs somewhat underground (under water?) and sometimes above ground, on their own tracks, versus the trams that are always on street level.

Train (metro) - 2

Train (metro) - 1

30 Everyday Things in Amsterdam: (22) Taking trams

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Since I didn’t grow up with trams, or really much of any public transportation, I find that I prefer the trains and trams more than the locals. Often they are convenient, if they’re going where you need to go, but sometimes they do get slowed down by traffic and parked delivery trucks since they run on the street level.


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