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Another California Day

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Good View

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Regal Busby

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Busby the Tourist

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Happy Dog Above San Francisco

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Happy Dog

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Another Busby Photo Shoot

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Tool Bag – Thanks Mom

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Years ago when I got my first set of wrenches (from my dad I suppose), my mom made these little bags to help organize them. I have one for metric and one for standard. I don’t keep much “stuff”, but these have lasted over the years because they keep the wrenches together and they don’t rattle around when carrying them.

Busby waits for beer

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2014 Kayak Trip, Part 2

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In part 1 of this story I explained how our kayaking trip was cut short by a dog bite. I’m happy to say that after 8 days, the wound is healing nicely.

More interesting is the fact that I finally got around to putting the videos together. It was super foggy this year and the waves weren’t as big, but it was still fun. We have video from a helmet-mounted GoPro and from one mounted on the nose of a kayak. Watch the video here:

Brian and Paul kayak surfing–August 2014
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