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Friendly pups, really

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment
Milo Brian and Hazel

Why is it that people cross the street to avoid me when walking Milo, and even more so when we add Hazel (a friend’s dog) into the mix? Milo is tall and Hazel is all muscle, both have lots of happy looking teeth, but are very friendly dogs. Hmmm, it must be me.

The exciting cars in London

October 24, 2008 Leave a comment
Orange Panda

Yes, there are quite a few great cars in the Fulham area of London. However, can any of them compare to what Wikipedia describes as a peasant car? You can still buy a new one from Fiat if you have the need/desire.

I am only somewhat joking. Our beat up Panda that we borrowed in Orta, Italy got us around, but wasn’t something I would want to rely on for too long. However, they are great city cars.

Hazel the mix

October 19, 2008 1 comment
Milo and Hazel

Hazel is a new friend of Milo’s that we met at the dog park. She’s a mix of something that’s all muscle with a gigantic head. Sounds weird, but she’s a great looking dog, happy, and full of energy. Perfect for Milo.

Just like Daisy, Milo’s other girlfriend, Hazel is faster and gets the ball first. However, she doesn’t give it up when Milo pounds on her head. Ahhh, dog fun.

My Old Dutch

October 17, 2008 Leave a comment

mod_logo2 We had seen a sign for one of these restaurants in London, but never tried one. Finally the other night, after meandering through the British Museum, we went to the ”My Old Ductch” in Holborn. We really had no idea what to expect, since we never tried any of the Dutch pancakes when we’ve been in Amsterdam. You order a “pancake”, which I would consider a very large crepe, then either select some pre-set toppings or 071222_my_old_dutch-thumb build your own; much like a pizza. I had artichokes, tomatoes, ham, and 4 types of cheese on mine. However, you don’t get too much topping, so you mostly get the pankake, which I swear is fried. It might not sound good, but it was. Lorie’s with apples, ham, and the best maple syrup we’ve ever tried. They come on delftware plates that are about 15 inches in diameter and the plate is completely covered by the pancake.

No, I didn’t take the photo, I just found it on the Internet, but this is what my pancake looked like. 

London Cycle Show

October 12, 2008 1 comment

Bike Tent Lorie and I went to the Cycle Show this year, which was a short bus ride away at Earl’s Court. I never knew there were so many different foldable/collapsible bicycles out there nor so many different electric bikes. There were also more component manufactures (cranks, pedals, hubs, etc.) than I had ever heard of too. There still aren’t too many recumbent bicycles, but a few. 

One of the most interesting things we saw was this cot/tent that you can haul behind your bike, then just pop open so you don’t need to sleep on the ground.

Another highlight was seeing the new model of the Volvo Cross Country (V70) Ocean Race Edition like we had in Seattle, but the new model is a bit cooler looking. See the Volvo site and dig around the menu to find the blue V70.

Happy Birthday Mom

October 7, 2008 1 comment

Mom looking at olives and olive oil at Borough Market

It was my mom who always told me to go outside and play. I’m sure she was simply trying to get my brother and me out of the house so she could have some peace and quite, but I took this to mean that every day I should have some fun.

It’s nice to see that she’s trying to have fun every day too.

Happy birthday mom!

Mom and Dad in a daze at Borough Market

Brian and Mom at West Brompton







 Mom and Brian in Edinburgh

 Brian and mom

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