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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

We finally visited and toured the Globe Theatre. It was originally built in 1599, but burned down in 1613, rebuilt the next year, closed in 1642 by the Puritans, then eventually torn down. Theatre was considered a sketchy/dodgy event, so the Puritans didn’t approve of it back then. However, the general public enjoyed it and attending the Globe was meant to be an affordable event, so it only cost 1 penny to stand and see a play. With that in mind, it now only costs £5 to stand and watch a play. This is much cheaper than all the theatres in the West End.

The new Globe Theatre was opened in 1997 and was built using the same tools and techniques as would have been used in 1613. The all-wood frame, floors, and benches give a neat feel to the place. I suppose we should go see a play at the theatre now to fully appreciate it.

Parisian Weekend

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Paris with friends from Chicago, Brent & Odele. It consisted of the typical weekend trip for us: lots of walking, good wine and food, and not much else. We should really plan our time better when there, but oh well, it was a nice break. We did find a cool bar called Curio Parlor and lucked out and got the room with our own couches. In addition to these photos, I created a little Photosynth (panoramic photo, and then some) too. 

Theatre in Hampstead

Hamp_zoom1 A few of us saw “Amongst Friends” last night at the Hampstead Theatre. The acting was good, but the storyline wasn’t the best we’ve been to. The part we liked most though was the theatre. It is a very nice, clean, new (50 years old is new for London), and feels very modern. I’d happily see other shows there.

My Presentation in Finland of Windows Live

May 19, 2009 1 comment

Windows Live Launch –consumer excitement - Brian GrothHere is my video for the launch of Windows Live in Finland

I do look comfortable on stage, but I say the word “um” too often and refer to the screen too often also. Watching the entire thing might be somewhat dull to anyone watching it here online, but if you are interested in our new products then you might like it. 

Milo the Bobby

Lorie and Milo contemplating new careersLorie and Milo as London police? I’m not sure that would work out.

Interesting side note, this was taken near Hyde Park so the van would be for the Metropolitan Police, not the City of London Police who only patrol one square mile of London commonly called “the city”.

If Lorie and Milo were cops in London, I would call both of them a Bobby, which is British slang for a police officer, which originated in the 1800s. 

London is falling apart


When out walking Milo this morning, I discovered a building that had started falling apart over night. In this photo, you can see how the concrete facade crumbled, along with the light that was attached to it. Yes, the entire thing just fell apart after only 80 or so years (I assume). I’m sure the owner wasn’t thinking of repairing it yesterday, because it was still in place; even if it was dilapidated. But today is probably the right time to do a little repair work.

Fun night at the cinema


We saw the new Star Trek movie tonight at a very cool cinema called the Everyman Hampstead – we were in Screening Lounge 1. The Everyman group has a few of these cinemas in London, but this was the first time we have been to one. Lorie and I shared a red couch, Geoff and Silvia had one of the big comfy couches and Anne had her own big chair next to us.

If I didn’t have to be at work early Monday morning, I would have taken advantage of their service of bringing drinks to your seat. Maybe next time!

Ten-pin in London

Brian is confused. Is he bowling or golfing?

A bunch of friends got together for Geoff’s birthday last night … we went bowling (ten-pin, not lawn). I do best when I don’t use the finger holes in the ball, but people tell me it looks like I am just hucking the ball. Either way, it is amusing, but I struggle to get over 100 points per game.

Maybe if I could have used the ball pictured here, I would have done better.

Little Venice

Little Venice Boat Party in LondonThere are still canals that run through London. Where the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal meets the Regents Canal is the area called Little Venice. There was a gathering of canal boats there this weekend, so Geoff, Silvia, Lorie and I (Milo stayed at home) checked it out. It wasn’t very interesting, but hitting a pub nearby for a jug of Pimm’s (Pimm’s No. 1 Cup) must mean that summer is here. 

Sunny day in London

What to do on a lazy Saturday when it is sunny in London? Walk! Just like when it is raining. Lorie and I had a nice walk and lunch through Camden Market (great Venezuelan pocket sandwiches), over to Primrose Hill and down through Regents Park. Nothing exciting, but nice.  

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