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Beach Day with Busby

Busby and I were at Ft. Funston today, which is a huge beach full of dogs, which is pretty much heaven if you’re a dog, or hell if you’re any other animal.

Busby is full of energy when we get there, as you can see here as he tears around a corner at full speed.

Rounding a corner at high speed

He must have been feeling extra bold today, since he even peed on the wall with the Dog Buddha.

Peeing on Budha Dog

Sometimes he stands around as if he owns the beach. But then he goes back to attempting to chase a ball (he’s not very good at it) and playing with numerous dogs.

Busby is King of the Beach

Today he even got to play with a 7-month old Beauceron, which is the same breed that Milo and Ripley were. As you can see, Busby is just a little taller.

Playing with a Beauceron

They finally got tired enough to relax for a photo.

Beauceron and Busby

And after all that play and a bath, this is what he looks like.


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