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Lefsa in London

Lefsa bought in London.jpg
Lefsa bought in London Scandinavian Kitchen in London

This year for the US Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to get some lefsa since it has been a few years since I have been home to enjoy mom’s homemade potato goodness. What you see here is what I found and the store I bought it from, the Scandinavian Kitchen. Notice the bag of lefsa says “lomper” – apparently that’s a small lefsa (about 6 inches in diameter), which is designed to hold a sausage. I opted for my preferred butter and sugar instead, which tasted just fine to me. The store is mostly a cafe with a few shelves of Scandinavian foods in the back. I didn’t see lefsa as an option in the case with the prepared food for the cafe, so obviously they are confused. No dad, I didn’t see any rumagrout to purchase, but I wasn’t really looking either. 

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