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Another London Weekend


I had another good tourist weekend in London (added to this photo album), which included:

  1. Buying lefsa at the Scandinavian Kitchen – it tasted OK, but it had been frozen for too long
  2. Sampling some very good scotch at Milroy’s of Soho 
  3. A tour of the Royal Albert Hall, which opened in 1871 with a bad echo that was never fixed until 1969 when they finally figured out how to get rid of the echo: hang mushroom-like things (acoustic discs) from the dome.  
  4. Talking to two large men dressed in drag who were in full black Victorian-era dresses just to be out on the town – no real special reason. (sorry, no picture). I asked if it was difficult to get around with the large hoops at the bottom of the dresses and they said not really and that people really get out of their way when walking down the sidewalk.
  5. Visiting the Science Museum, and specifically Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine (I saw it 3 years ago with Daniel and Angelina) and his brain, or at least the right side of it.  
  6. Visiting the new Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum, where I learned about classifying bugs and plants 
  7. And finally, a night of comedy with Anne.

Yes, it ended up being a rather educational and interesting weekend. 

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