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My evening with organized crime in London

Daisy in Hyde Park listening to Bruce Springsteen Hyde Park outside the concert walls

On Sunday, we went to Hyde Park for music again, but this time we sat outside the concert walls and listened to some Dave Mathews and Bruce Springsteen, who opened his set with London Calling originally by The Clash. However, Dave Mathews played All Along The Watchtower which was pretty cool too.

I met Megan and Alan there (with Daisy, as you can see) and they brought some Pimm’s and fresh cookies, so the evening was perfect. Lorie is in Seattle right now, so she missed out on the relaxing Sunday in the park with live music.

But about the organized crime… Before I met up with them though, I was sitting on a park bench near the entrance watching the ticket scalpers when one of them came and sat next to me. He only did that because he was frustrated that the cops were around, who were hurting his business (scalping tickets is illegal). He never did tell me where he got the tickets from, so I’m not even sure if they would get you into the concert or not. After a while though, someone sat next to him and bought some tickets, so he was able to still work even with the cops standing nearby. And the guy had a good wad of tickets. He also gave everyone his phone number (or someone’s), which was odd. There was a whole group of these guys with one “ring leader”, so it was all pretty organized. Therefore, I am considering this my brush with organized crime in London…. ticket scalpers in Hyde Park. 

  1. Chris
    June 30, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Cool. Was Bruce still rocking in concert?

  2. Mike
    July 1, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    sometimes it OK to sit on the park bench and watch life go by.

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