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Hiking the White Cliffs

Saturday morning started with Megan, Alan, Daisy, and me catching a train to southern England to the small town of Seaford. From there we did a 13.3 mile hike heading east on the South Downs Way public footpath, which is a popular hiking route in the area that consists of rolling hills over what is generally called the White Cliffs of Dover, even though we were a few miles southwest from Dover. This was the nicest hiking path I have ever been on, since it was short grass, which was pretty much like walking on a golf green. We also lucked out with the weather and had warm sun all day even though we could see big clouds and thunderheads to the north of us. We ended the hike in Eastbourne with a long walk along the rocky beach before catching the train back to London. If anyone wants to do a nice hike in the summer in England, this is the one I suggest.

Alan has posted his set of pictures from the hike too. He also put together a little map of where we hiked (click on it to get a bigger version):

Seven Sisters Map

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