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The Boat Race, 2008

oxford_team_boat_race_2005 Yesterday Milo and I walked over to Bishops Park to see if there would be a big crowd for The Boat Race like there was last year. Despite the beer tent, pig roast, big screens (to see the race if the crowd is too big next to the river), and two portable rock climbing walls, there was hardly anyone there. I think the cold rain and wind was a bit of a deterrent. I find this event somewhat fascinating, probably because I’ve never run across a sporting event like it before. Some facts I find interesting:

  1. It’s quick: It’s one race and takes about 21 minutes from start to finish, and as a spectator, you see 2 boats cruise past just once, and that’s it.
  2. It’s old: This is a rowing race between Oxford and Cambridge universities that happens each year and has been going on since 1829 – there have been 154 races.
  3. It never ends: So far, Cambridge has won 79 of the races and Oxford 74, but there was a tie back in 1877. Oxford won this year. Basically, this is an ongoing match that never ends.
  4. It’s popular: 7-9 million people in the UK watch it with millions more outside the UK watching it.

Essentially, it is a good excuse for people to lounge around at or near a pub along the river with a bunch of other people. In other words, it’s an excuse for a party.

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