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English or British

EnglandFlagflag_british_1 At a pub the other night, we got into a discussion with an English friend who explained that someone who is British is not necessarily English, and her opinion was that if someone is English then they will probably not call themselves British. To quote the Wikipedia article "The term British is also used by naturalised immigrants and their descendants", which is what our friend was getting at. We explained that if you are an American citizen or green card holder, then you are basically an American and there really isn’t a distinction between someone who has lived there for five generations or just recently moved there. We are expats, so we’re not considered English or British! We enjoy living here though.smile_regular

  1. Mike
    March 31, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    I looked at the Wikipedia article and I’m still confused, Great Britin, UK, England, British,  what’s the official difference?

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