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A difficult day

DSC03397 What you see here is a hole in the ceiling of our kitchen. That’s because we had a pipe that wasn’t soldered together and it broke loose, spilling water all over the kitchen – through the ceiling. As it turns out, there were three pipes that were not soldered together, and one of the was the gas. If that had come lose, we would have blown up the flat and probably the entire block according to the guys who fixed it.

So here’s the ingredients for a difficult day:

  1. Have a really bad head cold and lose your voice a bit.
  2. Have your big energetic dog in a cone with stitches in one leg. He has figured out how to use the cone to push people down the hallway.
  3. Have water raining through your kitchen ceiling
  4. Have your kitchen torn apart to fix it, thus leaving a mess of a kitchen with water damage everywhere.
  5. Learn that you could have blown up and that it was dumb luck that we didn’t. Although, never cooking turns out to be a smart thing in this case.
  6. After all this, we still don’t have hot water. "Thankfully", we are still paying rent through the end of the month at the place we were living in, and it does have hot water for taking a shower.

Hopefully next week will be better!

  1. Mike
    September 18, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    with all the paper work and behind the scene stuff to buy a house there.  Did you do an inspection?  That should have been taken care of or charged to the seller.  do you have home owners insurance?  The gas line is serious, there would be some law suites over here if someone sold a house like that.  Are you going to remodel or fix the whole and any other water damage? 

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