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Milo is injured again!

IMAGE_00212 We took this picture of Milo trying to find squirrels inside one of the fenced dog areas at Bishops park on Saturday evening. Moments after taking it, a dog walked past the other side of the fenced area, but on the outside of the fence. Milo was so hyper from the squirrel sighting, that he sprinted across the fenced-in area directly towards the dog to do his usual barking routine saying "come play with me".  But since this dog was on the other side of the fence and Milo was beyond his normal hyper self, he bashed right into the metal fencing. He hit it so hard that his face was stuck in the fence for a moment. Yes, he’s a smart one. The result of all this fun:

  1. Five stitches in his front left leg.
  2. Some skin is scraped off of his face under his left eye.
  3. He gets to wear a cone again, probably for about 10 days.
  4. He can’t go out and play with other dogs every day to burn his energy off, so we will have a hyper dog with a big cone around his head bouncing around the flat.

And to top it off, I am fighting a really bad head cold right now. I’d rather sleep, but Lorie needs to work and Milo needs to be reminded to relax. At least we aren’t bored. smile_regular

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