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Heli-Skiing in Utah

On March 23rd, my dad Gail, my brother Mike, and I went helicopter skiing in Utah. It was a first for all 3 of us and we all agreed that it was our best day of skiing ever. We had clear blue sky, fresh snow, no lift lines, and got to make fresh tracks with every run. We had 6 runs for a total of 12,000 vertical feet of skiing. We also got to ski together with one guide the entire time, even though there were other people using the helicopter with us: we only saw them at the base of the runs where we would wait for the helicopter to take us up for another run. It was run by Park City Powder Cats & Heli-Ski (http://www.pccats.com/helicat.html). Our guide skiing with us was Jon Marshall (http://www.jmarshallphotography.com/)


Photos are at http://spaces.msn.com/grothadventures/Photos/


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