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Moving to London, not Paris

Yes, that’s right. We are now going to be moving to London in June or so and not Paris. 

Why London? As it turns out, most of the people I will be working with on a regular basis are based in London. I will still need to go to Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, among many other locations, but if I will be spending most of the time in London, then it only makes sense to live there.

Most of the details are the same as I explained when we thought we were moving to Paris

We plan to live in the city, so we can have the full-on urban experience. Neighborhoods (“neighbourhoods” in the UK) that our friend Cullen suggests are “Chelsea or maybe Notting Hill. Both are pretty artsy, both have a vibrant nightlife, both are pretty safe and sane”. Hopefully the people who will help with our relocation will help find us someplace cool to live that we can also afford. Although afford isn’t really the way to put it…. exist without going flat broke is more like it.  

Milo is still going to move with us and Ripley is still going to live in Monroe, WA. We still want you to come and visit. We are still working on the new/unfinished house in Kirkland. Lorie will still be looking at various schools, but now in London. We probably won’t learn as much French though. Now we have to learn how to speak and spell real English, not American.

So wish us luck and please come visit!

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