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Adventures in NYC, August 2019

We had almost 5 days of fun when we stayed with our friend Abbe in Brooklyn while our friend Kris flew in from Pittsburgh.

We did normal things like walk Coco, the dog with the biggest eyelashes ever, and go to diners and dinners with other friends in NY. However, we also attended “Drunk Shakespeare”, walked the Highline (a raised park with friend Steve giving me a personal tour), saw a variety of new buildings under construction, went to a transportation museum, hung out on rooftop with friends as we watched the sunset, walked over the Brooklyn bridge, rode the subway a bit and walked, walked, walked.

But our highlight was probably the old TWA terminal at JFK, which is now a hotel for layoversand a bit of a museum. The best is the rooftop pool & bar with a view of the runways. Yes, we sat in the pool with a G&T as we looked out at the runway watching planes take off and land. The big Airbus A380 is impressive to see. However, they have also converted their old Connie airplane into a lounge and the the entire place has an early 1960 theme to it.

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