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30 Days of Amsterdam Gable Stones: Maximiliaan

It’s time for another”30 days of” series. Unfortunately, Facebook will no longer allow posts to be automatically shared from WordPress, so if you see this via Facebook, come back over the next 30 days to see the other posts.

Gable stones (gevelstenen) are carvings, set into the walls of some of the buildings in Amsterdam, usually placed in the center of the building above the ground floor. They started around the 16th century and are still created today. They usually indicate what the owner of the building does for a living, but not always.

Today’s gable stone is for the name of a cat that lived at this house. The cat was named Maximilian. To read about that, see: http://www.amsterdamsegrachtenhuizen.info/gracht/kge/kge200/kg04166/?tx_sbtab_pi1%5Btab%5D=1

  1. October 1, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    Awesome, I learn stuff about my city through you :-)

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