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Filming Our HHI Episode (behind the scenes)

Now that our episode of House Hunters International has aired, we can share some photos from our experience. If you missed it, you can watch “A Doggie Dilemma in Amsterdam” on HGTV or on YouTube.

A few interesting things to know:

  1. We really did get the dogs passports at the vet during the filming.
  2. I don’t usually wear my shirt sort of unbuttoned, but I needed to for the microphone to work with my high-collared shirt.
  3. The YouTube version cuts off before one of our favorite scenes, where I (for some reason) tell Piper that she’s fluffy. Watch it on HGTV (online or find it on-demand)
  4. Our friends at the end are Cathy, who can speak some Dutch since she lives here, and Abby who flew in from New York to help watch the dogs while filming.
  5. Xaviera really is a real estate agent in Amsterdam, not an actor.
  6. The filming in Amsterdam took 4 days, but we had to pay attention to our wardrobe and wear the same things for the house scenes so it looked like we saw them all on the same day.
  7. We had 1 camera man, 1 sound guy, 1 director, and 1 “runner” who would deal with whatever city stuff needed to be done, drive the crew around, and get them snacks and lunch.
  8. We’re glad we don’t work in television; there’s too much standing around!
  9. There’s much more to tell, but probably best left to tell in person.
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