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Cocktail Workshop at The House of Bols

Friday night, Lorie and I attended the Bols Cocktail Workshop in Amsterdam at the House of Bols. They make a variety of Bols liqueurs. If you’ve ever had a Blue Hawaiian drink (or any blue cocktail), then you’ve most likely had their blue curacao. They also make Bols Genever, which is older than gin. The English tasted Genever and decided to try to make it themselves and what they created they called gin. I have to admit that I prefer gin over genever, but the history dating back to 1575 for making and distributing genever is pretty interesting.

The cocktail course was focused on tiki drinks, which aren’t our favorite, but it was fun learning to make three new cocktails and getting to taste whatever we wanted behind the bar.

  1. Gail D Groth
    May 27, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Is Lorie going to change profession?

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