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Taylor and Haakon in San Francisco – June 2015

This year, the niece and nephew had a few new experiences while visiting in San Francisco, such as:

  • Not being let out of the airport by Delta, since they were unaccompanied minors and we weren’t expecting any issues
  • Eating at a very crowded La Taqueria at lunch time, which is a Mexican restaurant like they’ve never experienced
  • Walking along Haight street and checking out a funky used record shop playing electro music, another that was much bigger and packed with all sorts of music, plus a few “hippie” shops with a variety of fun clothes and stuff
  • Taking shoes off to have a Thai dinner
  • Running around with dogs on a beach, so now they can say they’ve been to a Californian beach
  • Seeing a stick bug that was attached to our house
  • Seeing quite a bit of graffiti art, as opposed to regular graffiti
  • Tasting odd ice cream flavors, seeing even weirder ones on the menu, and having to wait in line about 20 minutes just to get it
  • Having tacos in what used to be a garage
  • Playing Ticket To Ride, and having Brian and Haakon win a game
  • The big Converse store in downtown San Francisco
  • The rainbow crosswalks in the Castro neighborhood
  • A really weird and interesting costume shop
  • Cereal from Paris and London
  • A big store full of board games, including a bunch of tables to sit and play games at

And probably much, much more.

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