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Bartending in an Irish castle

Yes, Lorie and I can now add "bartending in an Irish castle" to our resume, since that’s exactly what we did at Blackwater Castle. Parts of the castle have been standing since the 12th century (around the year 1170), so it has quite the history and is probably haunted.
Although Patrick, who runs the place, told me that it’s the 2nd most haunted castle in Ireland, I never noticed anything even when I was there by myself for a couple hours one evening.

We were there for our friend Geoff’s 50th and James’ 40th birthdays. We spent 3 nights there, but the party continued for another 3 nights, so we passed the bartending duties over to our friend Matt who had a few of his own cocktails to add to the menu. However, our menu was quite the hit, even though most everyone would have been happy with the Guinness we had on tap, once we started mixing the drinks people got into it and started reading through the menu and selecting which one to try next.


Afterwards, we took a short trip to the coast, through Waterford, then over to Dublin for a couple nights before flying home. We were there when Ireland voted to legalize gay marriage in what was a rather historic vote. In fact, our hotel was about 2 blocks from the Dublin Castle, where people gathered as the vote was counted and where the news crews interviewed people about the vote. But our highlight in Dublin, may have been The Little Museum of Dublin, where we got a 29 minute history overview of Dublin (perfect amount of time for us), and they have a room dedicated to the band U2.

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