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2014 Kayak Trip, Part 1

The kayak surfing photos will get posted after I copy them off the GoPro camera. So for now, let me explain what happened. This year, we got to the beach early enough to get in some kayaking Thursday afternoon, which was fun and the sun was out, so it wasn’t too cold. The next day, it was foggy all day, so sort of cool too. The kayaking was still fun, but colder and low visibility. I have some good videos and photos to share later.

In the afternoon though, Paul’s dog decided I was too close to his empty food bowl and told me to go away by biting my left hand. Thankfully, Keith was with us, who is an EMT and has years of ski patrol experience patching people up. He cleaned the wound (ouch!) and bandaged me up. However, that meant no more kayaking since the wound was at the base of my left thumb and you need a good grip on the paddle to surf the kayak.

So, the next morning Keith changed my dressings and cleaned my wound again (ouch!). Then, we packed up camp and went to the Port Angeles emergency room to ask about stitches. Apparently they don’t stitch up dog bites (or cat or human bites either).

So now I will end up with a cool scar on my left hand from the trip, which I’m ok with, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with kayaking or any sort of adventure!

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