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Beach Weekend

This weekend, Busby and I drove down to Santa Cruz and Monterey (map) for two days of beach play. We tried out a variety of beaches between the two towns. However, as we discovered, some state beaches don’t allow dogs, even on leash. Some are a bit tough to find, such as Zmudowski State Beach, which after driving along fields of strawberries, the paved road turned to dirt so we turned around, since I doubt the Volvo is good at off-roading.


Our favorite area was between Seacliff State Beach, where the S.S. Palo Alto is beached, and Seascape Beach. I’d consider it all one big beach, but after a mile or so it gets a new name. Thankfully, there are flocks of seagulls for Busby to chase and I even got a little video of it.

We also saw birds dive for food, small whales swim by, or perhaps they were big dolphin-type creatures, and one small lizard. Couldn’t get a picture of them though – they’re all too fast or I’m too slow. We talked to many other dog owners, a couple of surfers, but never found an open campground to stay for the night. State-run campgrounds and even the KOA locations all need reservations months in advance. So, we found a dog-friendly hotel instead.

Busby is now clean and passed out on the couch.


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