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Busby, the picky eater

These are Busby’s favorite treats, but he is a very picky eater (like me when I was a kid). I decided to I should figure out which treat he liked best. After all, he doesn’t like eating any sort of regular food, even if it’s freshly cooked chicken! So, I set out four of his favorites:

Busby treat optionsBusby Chooses

He waited patently as I set out the treats and took photos. After all, he doesn’t trust a damn thing I do, but he will wait and watch. But, once I told him (twice) that he could pick one, his order of preference was:
1. Newman’s Own "Snack Sticks"
2. Primal Dry Roast "Lung Puffs"
3. Stella & Chewy’s "Carnivore Crunch"
4. Crumps’ Natural "Sweet Potato & Liver Rawhide"

I think this means that he will eat any form of super concentrated meat. However, as I wrote this he went from this (photo below), to getting annoyed with me for not giving him more treats, to lying down on the couch, to licking his feet.

Busby waiting

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