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Maker Faire 2014

I went to the Bay Area Maker Faire again this year and saw some pretty interesting stuff:

Small satellite ready for space 

That’s my hand holding a small satellite like one that’s currently in space.

Woman augmented with electronics and wing-claws

Woman wearing mechanics that augment her in some way. Not sure if the claw-wings on her back worked or not.

Bartendro to make drinks based on the bottles hooked up to it

A bartending machine that will mix drinks based on the ingredients hooked up to it.

Printer that crawls across the page 

A printer that hangs on two strings and crawls across the page.

3D printer and spools of plastic to print with Large 3D printer One of many 3D printers 

There are a variety of different 3D printers on display and for sale, which in turn, other people at the show use to make all sorts of things that are on display. Some of the “printers” are engravers too. I saw one that was a welding machine. So now all sorts of things can be made at home if you can design it on a computer. One could look at your face and print a little 3D version of you.

Books for the computer and robotic controllers to buy at Maker Faire

Books for the computer and robotic controllers to buy at Maker Faire.

Robot created from 3D printed parts 

This is robot created from 3D printed parts and various robotic and computer parts that are popular at the fair.

ShopBot larger routerShopBot router engravingsShopBot routerShopBot software

This is ShopBot, which is a computer-controlled router. They have a few different sizes and apparently the software can help you divide up a large piece of wood and once it finishes one section, you move it to the next for it to continue creating whatever you have designed. 

Lego trains windmills and ships 

And some people still make things from Legos! Such as trains, windmills and ships.


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