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Busby at the beach–Jan 2014

We hit the beach for a day of hiking up and down the coast at around 9am, when it was still partially covered by the shadow of the cliffs of Fort Funston. Thankfully I was wearing shorts and could put my sweatshirt in my backpack as it warmed up, because the beaches at the southern end of San Francisco are warm on January 25th. At least this year they are. The waves were good today, so there were a few surfers to watch when we stopped for lunch around 11:30. Busby happily squeezed between two rocks to stay cool and get a bit of rest. We made it back to the car a bit after 1pm, and the boy was certainly tired after about 4 hours of running around the beach.

There’s also a short (8 second) video of Busby bouncing around the beach at:

  1. Dad
    January 26, 2014 at 3:01 am

    Yes, he does seem to enjoy the beach. Or it could be his master!

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