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Surf Kayaking–Sept 2013

Like the last two years, Paul and I took our sea kayaks to Neah Bay, WA and camped for a few nights while surfing the kayaks during the day. However, this year I had a GoPro camera to capture some videos. Unfortunately, on the last day of kayaking it got torn off my chest as I was getting washed around in the surf. This might have been because I was trying out someone’s wave ski. It was fun how it would so easily turn compared to a sea kayak, but I need to perfect my roll. Thankfully, our friend Lisl found my camera the next morning on the beach, so the videos were saved.

In addition to the photos above, there’s also three videos worth sharing:

View of what it’s like to paddle out, ride the waves, then get dumped: http://youtu.be/i5BKGNnHpA0 (this is from the GoPro camera)

Paddling out through the waves: http://youtu.be/5JmjnDXwb6Q

Riding a wave: http://youtu.be/8UTZoUR2YW4

And with Paul’s editing and a bit more video footage:

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