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Tattoos, Sharks and Race Cars in Atlanta

I’ve been in Atlanta this week for our annual Microsoft sales meeting/event. This means meetings, meetings and more meetings. When not in meetings, I was at parties with co-workers. There was very little sleep involved, because as you can see, the parties were fun and I didn’t want to miss out on any of it. At one of the parties, I tried out a spray-on tattoo for the night (people said they liked it and I was the only one to have it painted on my neck), I saw some wildlife at the aquarium, sat in a race car just because it was there and saw Maroon 5 and Bon Jovi in concert. I’ve never been to an outdoor concert when it started pouring rain on the crowd, but that made it even more entertaining. It dumped on us for about 20 minutes during the Bon Jovi set and since it was a warm Atlanta downpour, that meant that everyone was completely drenched. I hope my clothes dry before I pack them and catch my flight home in the morning.

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