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Our San Francisco Escape–April 2012

We’ve been living and working in San Francisco this past week as a way to take advantage of life before the puppy arrives. Yes, there is a new dog on the way, but you’ll have to read about that in about a week.

We rented a short-term apartment for the week in the North Beach neighborhood, right next to Chinatown. If we didn’t know we were next to Chinatown, we might have wondered about a neighbor that uses their clothesline to dry fish.

The commute to the Microsoft office was unique, since we were able to catch a cable car just up the street from the apartment and take it to the office, then back home again in the evening. The apartment is even close enough that we can hear the cable car bell ring when it comes to the nearby intersection. It was a bit odd to have our regular commute also be one of the top tourist attractions, which also made the ride a bit crowded at times, but well worth it to have such a unique public transportation opportunity.

However, our biggest touristy thing we did (other than walk a lot) was to take advantage of the fact that we were staying only 2 blocks from Club Fugazi. So, we decided to invite Dan and Neely to see Beach Blanket Babylon, which is a musical that’s been running there since 1974. It pokes fun at modern politics and life and is known for some large and crazy hats.   

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