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Don’t Eat Yarn

Milo after yarn removal

We were supposed to be skiing with friends at Alpental today, but unfortunately Milo had other plans.

Monday evening: We left Milo home alone for a couple hours to visit our neighbors. We had blocked him off in the hallway, but he decided to tell us how upset he was being home alone and broke through the barricade and tasted some of Lorie’s yarn. We arrived home to a yarn mess, but didn’t realize that it had also become a snack as well.

Tuesday: Milo seemed pretty normal until the late afternoon when he began acting rather uncomfortable. Then he yacked up a ball of yarn. As we didn’t know how much more yarn had been consumed… it was off to the emergency vet (again).

Tuesday evening: After getting yacking up more at the e-vet, taking a few x-rays and some blood work, it was recommended that Milo stay in the hospital on an IV in hopes the yarn would get “flushed out”. Unfortunately it was likely that he would still need surgery the next day, since it looked like the yarn was stuck in him but they wanted to do an ultrasound in the morning just to confirm.

Super Early (2:00) Wednesday morning: We got a call from the e-vet recommending that Milo head to surgery right away as things were not progressing and there was a serious concern that his intestines could get wrecked the longer we wait. So we agreed to operate then instead of waiting any longer.

Still Crazy Early (4:00) Wednesday morning: Surgery went well (Cosabella yarn & knots were removed) and we were relieved our destructive, challenged and  lovable dog should be ok.

Wednesday afternoon: We visited a very drugged-out Milo at the vet, checked out the long bandage on his stomach (see the photo), and then sent him back to his personal hospital cage to keep sleeping. He will spend the night at the e-vet again tonight and possibly Thursday night as well.

We are still in awe that Milo almost died by eating yarn (though it has been long-expected that his demise will involve some sort of dramatic Milo-induced destruction of public property, not yarn). Thankfully he’s on the road to recovery and a wonderful future in a homemade padded cell!

  1. Lindy
    December 29, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Oh! I hope everything goes well. Poor thing.

  2. oly and gizzmo
    December 30, 2011 at 6:11 am

    Where is the cone of shame? I assume he’s had several in a variety of colors.

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