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Boston, MA to Cavendish, VT

I finally got to see Boston, walked part of the Freedom Trail, went to the aquarium where they have “80 penguins with 80 personalities” (according to their advertisements), saw some remnants from the 1600s, and even Paul Revere and Samuel Adam’s graves.. We didn’t see the entire city, but I think I liked the Beacon Hill and Back Bay neighborhoods (map) the best – they seemed to have a bit of a London feel to them.

We were there for our friend’s Geoff and Silvia’s wedding, which was in Cavendish, Vermont. Therefore, we (Anne, Bindi, Rosie, Lorie, and I) all piled into a large Ford Explorer (or maybe Expedition – I’m not sure) and drove from Boston, through New Hampshire, and into Vermont. We were all expecting to see quaint New England towns, but what we learned was that New Hampshire has quite a few Dunkin Donuts shops and graveyards; if there is more to it, we didn’t see it. Vermont seemed the same, but with fewer donuts. Both states had too many strip malls – old ones though. 

Other than the wedding, our highlight was the Singleton’s General Store that was near our hotel in Vermont. They sell whiskey, guns, and ammo according to their sign, but really they sell that plus quite a few groceries, food, much more than just whiskey, and just about any hunting supply you might need. Plus maple syrup of course.  

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