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I have entered the future

Pandora on my Android phone

I have now entered a new era…. personalized radio on my phone steamed over the air (thankfully I have an all-you-can-eat data plan)

I was recently at the Mashable Media Summit 2010 conference in New York where I was given a free Motorola Backflip, which is based on Google’s Android operating system for phones. I don’t like the keyboard and the camera is very slow, but there are a bunch of fun applications I can run on the phone. Also, my old Windows Mobile 6.1 phone has sorta died, so I’m trying to get the most from the Backflip. One of the fun applications is the Pandora music player. I setup a station based on Gnarles Barkeley so it automatically finds music like that (Zune, iPod, Spotify, Last.FM all have similar features). It’s geeky, but fun. Pictured here is my phone with a song from Oasis playing.  

I am waiting for Microsoft to ship Windows Phone 7 so I can get a phone with Zune on it. I’ll be able to do the same cool thing as I do with Pandora, but more. Plus I can load it up with all of the music I own too. Until then

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