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An evening stroll in London

The London Eye and Big Ben at dusk I was near the London Bridge for a meeting this afternoon/evening, so I decided to walk to Trafalgar Square where there were movies showing as part of the London Film Festival.

Along the way, I got a great view of the city on the Thames at dusk, heard a 3 piece band on the walkway that included an accordion. When I stopped in the National Theatre (free toilet) there was a good 3 piece band (Spanish guitar, base & piano) doing a great job playing Flamenco music – at least I think that’s what it was.

At the film festival, they were showing old films about London transportation, which I’m always fascinated by since it has defined London so much over the years. The one film I watched showed what London and transportation looked like in 1896 (bicycles and horse-drawn everything: buggies, double-decker “busses”, etc.). What was interesting for me was London itself: shops on the first floor and flats above them – the same things we see today, and probably the same exact buildings we see today. Plus people darting across the road in front of the vehicles, just like today. The film also had a lot of guys in bowler hats.

While walking through Leicester Square, I saw the fans and paparazzi for the world premier of Dead Man Running. I have no idea who is in the movie or who the stars were that I saw, but there sure were a lot of cameras and flashes going off. I finished the night with some good bangers & mash and a Guinness at a nice little pub.

That was my commute home on a Thursday evening. How about yours?

  1. Mike
    October 23, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Mine sucked. 4:10 left the office late (long phone call with a damn contractor). picked the kids up at the teachers house 4:35, drove to Target for a birthday present. 5:00 left target with the kids and present, Haakon was slow to decide what to get. 5:15 left the house with kids and scooters for birthday party (started at 5:00} at skating rink, got to party at 5:30. Got home 7:45 after the party.

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