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Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs

Today I took the London Underground and the Docklands Light Rail to the Isle of Dogs (Island Gardens DLR Station) so I could walk under the Thames river via the 107 year-old foot tunnel (opened in 1902). Once in Greenwich, I decided to spend the day walking around their Saturday market, Greenwich Park (saw a black lab named Milo) and the old Royal Naval College. (see a map)

I spent quite a bit of time at the Royal Observatory looking at and reading about John Harrison’s clocks, which I’ve been fascinated with ever since I read the book “Longitude” a few years ago. Click here to see H1, H2, H3, and H4 (his clocks). He built H4 in 1760, which solved the Longitude problem and is one of the most important machines ever invented since it made travelling by sea much safer and more predictable.    

In Greenwich park, the Chestnut trees were dropping chestnuts all over the place and people were crushing them with their foot and collecting the nuts. No, I didn’t do that since green chestnuts didn’t look all that appealing. Fish & Chips at a pub for lunch on the river near the park was good though.  

Walking back, I went through Mudchute park & farm on the Isle of Dogs. I had no idea it even existed, but sure enough, there were plots of little gardens, people riding horses, and a variety of animals (I only saw sheep though). And yes, I saw a few dogs on the Isle of Dogs, since people live there and I walked through three different parks, which were perfect for dogs.

  1. Mike
    October 5, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I’d like to take one of the kids super bouncy balls and a baseball bat to that tunnel. wonder how far the ball would go down that tunnel? and of course have a dog chase it.

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