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A run through London

London from Primrose Park I have been running/jogging for about a week now, since I decided I needed some form of affordable exercise – so far my knees are holding up. Today was an interesting run (only my 2nd in London) as I ran to and through Primrose Hill (pictured) and Regent’s Park. The highlights enforce my appreciation of London:

  1. I ran over the famous Abbey Road crosswalk – I was sort of lost at the time, so it was a nice surprise
  2. I saw circus training with people swinging on a trapeze and falling into nets
  3. I saw eight kayakers in Regent’s Canal in short river kayaks, but it’s not like they will find any whitewater on that canal
  4. I saw a giraffe which was a little surprising to see when not expecting it – I was running past the London Zoo
  5. I saw a woman with five pet guinea pigs on leashes on Primrose Hill, which is crazy since there are dogs running around there too
  1. Jamie
    August 29, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Guinea Pigs? You’re kidding! Did you get a photo? Sounds like you need to take a camera out with you in the future!

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