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14-Mile Dog Tourism

Milo and I started our Easter Sunday at 6:45am so he could take care of business before catching the first train of the day. As it turns out, the first train isn’t at 7am from Fulham Broadway as promised and the first train to come by doesn’t stop. However, by 7:30 we were in Victoria ready to continue “Milo’s Tour of London”. I have been trying to capture Milo in front of iconic images of London, so I figured getting going before most people in London get up (on a Sunday anyway) would be good.

We walked up to Buckingham Palace, down The Mall next to St. James’s Park, then over to the Cabinet War Rooms where Churchill hung out during WWII. Then came New Scotland Yard, Westminster Abbey, and while getting the picture of Big Ben, a cop asked if Milo was friendly. They quickly became good friends. We then meandered a bit from Trafalgar Square to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern museum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre past the Clink Prison and through Borough Market, but it wasn’t operating today.

We then hit our turning around point: The Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, which means we also saw City Hall, the graffiti covered Southbank skateboard park (they leave it that way instead of repainting it all the time). We eventually made it to the London Eye, past the other side of the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, down to Battersea with the power station and park. Finally we made it back to our neighbourhood with the houseboats in Chelsea, the football club, and finally saw a clean black taxi with no ads and sitting still.

We were gone 6.5 hours and walked a total of 14.3 miles with only one real stop to share an apple for about 10 minutes. I made a quick map here if you want to see the route along with all of the iconic London pictures with Milo

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