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Uploading and Sharing Photos


Some friends and family haven’t quite figured out how to easily post photos online yet, so here is a little tutorial.

Copy to your PC: The first step is to copy photos to your computer. There are all sorts of ways to do that, including importing via Windows Live Photo Gallery, but I always just pull the memory stick out of my camera and manually copy files from it to my PC. It is easiest if you copy them to your Pictures folder.

Start WL Photo Gallery: Once you have photos copied to your PC, go to your Start menu in Windows, click on All Programs, then Windows Live, then Windows Live Photo Gallery. This is what is pictured to the left.

image View photos in WL Photo Gallery: In WL Photo Gallery, navigate on the left-hand-side to “All photos and videos", then Pictures, and down to wherever you copied your pictures.

Edit: You can now double-click on any photo and “auto-correct”, change the file name, and do whatever else you want to the photo. Use the Fix and Info menu items to do all of this. Click on “Back to gallery” to get back to your list of photos.

imagePublish: Click on each picture you want to publish to http://photos.live.com. When you hover over a photo, you will see a small check box that you can click, or you can hold the Ctrl key down when clicking on different pictures. Then on the menu bar, click Publish/Online Album.

This is when you will see the image to the left. Type in a name for your new online folder or select an existing one. Then click Publish. (tip: if you select the Upload size of “original”, then I can download your large file, which is nice for me)

sendaslink Share: Once the files get uploaded, you can click the “View Album” button. Then when viewing them online, there is an option to “Send a link” right above your list of photos (circled in red in the picture to the left).

  1. Annemarie
    December 29, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Great stuff, tx. I"’ll translate & post :-)

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