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My First Live Rugby Game

Paul CoxOn Saturday, Alan took me to Old Deer Park to meet up with some Welsh guys who live in London and go to all of the games. This is where the London Welsh Rugby Club plays. There are two types of tickets you can buy: one in the covered stands/bleachers where you can sit down and the other where you stand along one side of the field. We joined these 4 or 5 guys on the standing side, which is the same spot they stand for every game. It is fun to stand on the sidelines as the players tackle each other right in front of you. Remember, most of these guys are pretty big and wear no pads. The "helmets" you see in this photo are to keep your ears from being torn off – these are optional and only one guy was wearing them on Saturday. Unfortunately, the London Welsh lost to Moseley (the other team) 40 to 10. And no, I don’t understand the rules very much and I’m still not a good spectator, but it was fun to go to a Welsh game with the local Welsh.

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