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Rolling Stones in London

Rolling Stones at O2 Last night, Lorie, Anne, Cullen and I went to the Rolling Stones concert at the O2 in London, which used to be called the Millennium Dome. The sound wasn’t that good so we couldn’t hear the vocals all that well, at least where we were sitting. But when they play songs like Start Me Up, Sympathy for The Devil, Paint It Black, and many other hits, everyone is singing along anyway so it just doesn’t matter if you can clearly hear Mick. I have to admit, experiencing the Rolling Stones play Paint It Black is one of my best concert experiences ever! And of course, this being England and all, we had chips (french fries) and beer as we waited for the show to start.

They opened the show with Start Me Up, which made me wonder if I was back at the launch of Windows 95. Only you Microsoft geeks will understand that one. smile_regular

Oddly enough, as we caught the last District Line train home from the Westminster stop, we met a TV news anchor from San Francisco that works with a guy Lorie went to high school with. He and his son had also been at the concert.


  1. We saw Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood light up and have a smoke on stage, but it is now illegal to smoke indoors in London. This has now hit the news and the Daily Mail in London is reporting that there will be fines to pay.
  2. This is the last tour that the Rolling Stones will do (probably) and the last 3 shows at the O2 will be their final ones. They have been touring since 1962! At least this is what the Daily Telegraph in Australia is reporting.
  3. The Times has a write-up of last night’s show.
    November 30, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    It can’t be The Last Time, to tour, they can never stop. Like the Energizer Bunny, keeps going + going so must the Stones. If not they would have to change their name, maybe lets say to just Stoned. No they will roll because, that’s what  The Rolling Stones do.

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