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Party at the House of Blues

Last night I went to a Microsoft party in "Downtown Disney" in Disney World where we are staying. The party was at the House of Blues and was closed to the public, so it was all Microsoft people in the club. The warm-up band played songs by AC/DC, Ozzy, and Guns & Roses and did a good job with all of them. I ran into their lead singer later in the evening and he seemed very happy when I told him I thought they did a great job. It was funny to see this big rocker/tough guy smile and shake my hand and thank me for telling him that. Smile 
After a while, I ran into Shish who used to work with/for me a couple of years ago, so it was fun to catch up with him during the beak and as the main band played. It seems that not too many people outside of the US knows them, but the band is called LIVE and they put on a great show. Lorie is more of a fan than me, so I’m sure she will be jealous that I got to see them, and in a small club too.      
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