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Quick Ice Storm

The weather is an interesting beast here in London. It was sunny earlier today, but just a few minutes ago (at about 5:15pm) we got some good thunder, lightning, wind, rain, and ice (I’d say hail, but these were good ice chunks). Within a minute, gutters were washing over and car alarms were going off. It looked like it was calming down, but it got worse: stronger rain, wind, and quite a bit more hail – enough so that if you were outside, you would be in pain. The gutters in the streets were like little rivers, chunks of ice and something have come through our chimney into the (the living room), and our garden (the back "yard") is filled with ice, except where there is now standing water attempting to drain. This all took about 10 minutes and now it is starting to get a little sunny again.

Orbain Road on July 3 2007 Storm Garden on July 3 2007 Storm

  1. Mike
    July 3, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    it’s way to hot here.
    Sandy, UTClear, 88°

    Tuesday95° / 63°

    Wednesday97° / 66°

    Thursday99° / 70°

    Friday101° / 71°

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